Please note that there will be 18 stages with a total round count of 327 plus Chrono.

Shipping Ammunitions

For those who are flying here in Winnipeg, we know that bringing ammunition is a hassle and an added cost to the trip…please be advised that we come up with two options.

Your first option, Match Ammunition is available for advance order through (Ryan Shellenberg) which will be ready for pickup at the Shooter’s check-in (August 8, 2023, at 1300H/1PM).

Wolverine Supplies is our supplier of match ammunition. For details please contact Ryan Shellenberg directly at 204-748-2454 Est 243 or

Please find the price list for your information…Let us support these companies who are supporting and trusting us.

If are interested in getting match ammo for the Nationals…please let Wolverine Supplies know so they can hook you up!

[ FHMFH9124 ] ∙ FH Munition 9mm Luger 124gr FCP 50rd Box $24.99 per unit

[ FEDAE40R1 ] ∙ Federal American Eagle .40 S&W FMJ 180 Grain 50rd Box $37.95 per unit

[ FEDAE45A100 ] ∙ Federal American Eagle .45ACP 230gr FMJ 890 fps 100rd Box $84.95 per unit

Your second option, for those who are meticulous with their match ammunition, we will be accepting ammunition shipment, please see details below.

Shipping address:

IPSC Manitoba c/o Rodrigo Lopez

737 Keewatin Street

Winnipeg MB R2X 3B9

Shipment MUST be delivered between July 24 to 26, 2023 ONLY

Please work with your chosen shipping/courier company to make sure that your shipment will be delivered/ arrived between July 24 to 26 inclusive. We have authorized personnel to accept your shipment on the abovementioned date. NO Shipment will be accepted before or after July 24 to 26, 2023.

Make sure to properly label your shipment with your name for proper identification during pick up on August 8, 2023 at our Shooters Registration at the Philippine Canadian Center of Manitoba located at 737 Keewatin St,. Winnipeg Manitoba

Match Director and Event Committee will not be held liable/responsible for any lost or damaged shipment of your ammunition. Please do the necessary steps to secure your parcel.