Welcome To Manitoba!

Greetings! On behalf of IPSC Manitoba, I would like to welcome and extend to you the vibrant hospitality of our Province. I hope that you will enjoy the thrill and the hype of Canada’s prestigious Shooting Competition. It is been a long journey back for IPSC Canada National Handgun Championship to return and be hosted again in Manitoba. This year’s event is themed “Amusement Park”, it shall be composed of 18 challenging stages, with a round counts of 327 plus chrono rounds. The match is setup in an AM/PM half day-reversed shooting format and the line shall be manned and regulated by dedicated Range Officials headed by NROI Canada coordinator Jim Smith. For more details, please visit the match web site: https://ipsccanadanationals.com

In parting, I would like to thank IPSC Canada Regional Director Sean Hansen and all the Section Coordinators for all the support and guidance that inspired us to host our Nationals. So what are you waiting for…pack your shooting bags and start heading to the scenic Prairie…Manitoba. See you all on game day.

Reynaldo U. Olazo
Match Director – 2023 IPSC Canada National Handgun Championship
Deputy Regional Director – IPSC Canada
Section Coordinator – IPSC Manitoba

Match Ammo

Wolverine Supplies is our supplier of match ammunition. For details please contact Ty Lobrueau directly at 204-748-2454 Est 243 or tysonl@wolverinesupplies.com. There will be 18 stages with a total round count of 327 plus Chrono.

Event Location

Selkirk Game and Fishing Association, Selkirk Manitoba

Range 1
29073 Road 80 North, East Selkirk
50.181331898671786, -96.77836414278369

Range 4
30 Road East, Walkleyburg, MB R0E 0M0
50.18508294457215, -96.77394386248514

Event Committee Members

Rey Olazo – Match Director

Rob Schmidt – Assistant Match Director

Norm Frankfurt – Finance

Irene Chavez – Social Media and Statistics

Ednel Ortega – Advertisement and Sponsorship

Rene Santos and Oscar De Paula – Quarter Masters

Norman Panes – Range Preparation and Maintenance

Hector De Leon and Benjamin Elago – Stages Construction

Dennis Dela Cruz – Awards

Jojo Lagman – Communications

Ryan Reyes – Banquet

Erwin Crescini – Photography and Video

Event Officials

Match Director – Reynaldo U. Olazo

Range Masters – TBA

Chief Range Officer – TBA

Range Officers -TBA

Shooting Schedule


Shooters and Squad


Recognized Division





Production Optic


Recognized Categories




Super Senior

Grand Senior



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