Shooting Schedule

For the pre-match. All competitors and officials must arrive at the range before 12:30 pm on Day 1 and before 8:00 am on Day 2 for briefing and instructions.

For the Main Match competitors must arrive before 8:00 AM for the morning squad and before 1:00 pm for the afternoon squad to gear up and prepare.

Everybody must proceed to their respective bay assignment ready to shoot at 8:00 am for the morning squad and 1:00 pm for the afternoon squad.

We will implement a hard stop between 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm to give our Match Officials and Committee time to rest and eat lunch.

Please be guided accordingly for your squad/bay assignment. We also provided a map of the Bay numbers below the squad schedule.

Below is the range map with the bay number. Please familiarize yourself.

Range 1 with Bay Number

Range 4 with Bay Number